Lenten Programme for 2020

Fr. Danny Convery, Sun 23 February 2020, Sun 23 February 2020, Lent

lent, st finnans, st josephs, st margarets

St Margarets, St Josephs and St Finnans Lenten Programme for 2020


Prayer before the crucifix

Most High Glorious God,
Enlighten the darkness of my heart,
Give me Right Faith,
Sure Hope,
Perfect Charity,
Wisdom and Understanding
That I may carry out
Your Holy and True command,

Prayer Fasting Almsgiving

Ash Wednesday

  • February 26th, Solemn opening of Lent: Mass 10am St Joseph’s, Mass 7pm St Margaret’s


  • March 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd, April 5th: St Margaret’s 5pm Evening Prayer and Benediction. This will consist of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, evening prayer of the Church and concludes with Benediction (more or less 30mins)


  • St Margaret’s 9.45am, Stations of the Cross, followed by Mass.


  • St Joseph’s 9.45am: Stations of the Cross, followed by Mass.


  • St Margaret’s 10am: Mass, followed by exposition till 11am.


  • St Joseph’s 10am: Mass.
  • St Finnan’s 6.30pm: Stations of the Cross, followed by Mass.


  • St Margaret’s 9.45am: Stations of the Cross, followed by Mass.

Sunday March 29th

  • St Margaret's 4pm: Confessions Fr David Connor.

Lenten Retreat

Wednesdays beginning Ash Wednesday after Evening Mass then: March 4,11,18,25,. April 1,8,15,22 St Margaret’s, small chapel 7pm

Journey into Freedom, A Retreat for Lent and Easter, based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola

What the Retreat Involves

This Lent Retreat is a course in prayer. Its aim is to help you get to know and love Jesus Christ better in order to live a deeper and more authentic Christian life of service. Lent for 2020 is from Ash Wednesday on February 26th to Easter Sunday on 12th. However to appreciate the joy of the Resurrection our retreat runs until Wednesday 22nd April.

Daily Prayer

Material will be provided for people to pray with each day of Lent. This will include Scripture readings, meditations, pictures, a journal and full instructions. Every day there is one passage from Scripture plus 'A Thought for Today' and a picture to ponder. We also give a few suggestions on how to pray the day’s materials.

The forty days of Lent